How to Login

1. To sign into your admin section, go to

2. Click on Login/Signup Button

3. Fill in your username and password 

4. Dashboard section will now populate

How to Update a Page

1. Click on pages

If you are already logged in and navigating away from any of your other content pages or listings

2. Click on the page you'd like to update. I.e About Us.

3. In selected Page (example About Us), you can edit the following items:

4. Once you've edited the selected page, click on save button. 

5. You can now preview the page that is already online.

How to Add a Page

1. Click on  the +Page button to add new page. 

2. In new page edit the following items: 

3. Make sure to click on save button to save changes.

Adding a Newly Created Page to a Menu

Once you made a page, you can now put it in your menu.
Note: Only existing pages, can go in your menu. 

1. Click on Menu

If you are access this section from your CAT Panel (Client Account Tracking Panel)
 - Make sure to click on Appearance tab and click on Menu. 

2. Click on Add Item

3. Add Item window will populate.
Add/Edit the following items: 

4.  Pick a page

5. Once satisfied, click save. Add item window will close.

6. Click on Save.

How do I move All the menu items and their pages around?

1. With your mouse, scroll over it until you see the cursor become a crossbar. Now drag entire column downwards. Move to desired position and click save. 

Updating Blog

1. Go to

2. Click on Login/Signup Button and fill in your password + Login Information

3. In dashboard, click on Blog and pick a blog that you would like to update

4. In Blog, click on +Post Button

5. New Blog Post Page will populate. Fill in the follow items :)!

6. Here are more options in your blog :D

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