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Pixilink Website Design Information
Pixilink Website Design Information

Our basic website design service

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Website Design Information

Our basic options start at $199 setup fee and $59/month hosting fee. The setup fee covers up to 2 hours of design time to customize the theme with your preferences (colours, searches, images). Depending on the theme, additional customizations are possible. Additional cost may apply.

Please find below some of our basic themes. They are all responsive, which means they adjust based on the size of the screen. A responsive website also has advantageous for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Let me know if there is a theme that you like, and we can go from there.

Design Option 2:
Sara Fakhari
Andrew Lauwers
Prateek Kainth

Design Option 3:
Norm Hiller
Kamran Tafakori
Mitra Bashash

Option 4:

Customized Websites

If you are looking for a more unique and custom website, our custom sites start at $1000 and can go up to $5000+, depending on the customizations and time we need to programme it.

Custom Website examples

If we go custom I would recommend we schedule a meeting to discuss the details. If there are websites you like, please feel free to send me the URL's, and I will take a look at them. Please just let me know what day and time would work best for you.

To get started with our website design service please send an email to and answer the following questions

  • Do you have any branding (logos, banner, images, colours)? If yes, please provide.

  • What cities do you primarily work in?

  • Any specific searches you would like eg. Vancouver Condos, Surrey Condos.

  • Do you have a domain? If yes please provide us with your domain name and login info, so we can later set everything up and go live.

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