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VOW - Sold Data for Public
VOW (Virtual Office Website) and Sold Data Information
VOW (Virtual Office Website) and Sold Data Information
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Sold data is now available to the public. To give your clients access to this data you need to invite them to a secure VOW (Virtual Office Website). 

We've put together these FAQ's to answer some questions you might have.


1. I already have a Reciprocity Agreement. Do I still need to sign the new agreement to access sold data?
Yes, sold data comes with its own set of rules and a new agreement will need to be signed between the agent and their Board.

2. How do I get the VOW agreement?
Fill out the form for your Board below to get the VOW agreement sent to you.

3. What if I don’t have a VOW and/or a website?
No problem, you can enter Pixilink for now as your VOW provider and as your VOW website. You can then make a decision later on as to who to use as your VOW provider and your VOW website.

4. How is sold data going to be available to the public?
Your seller or buyer will need to be invited by you to get access to sold information through your secure Virtual Office Website. It will not be possible for sold listings to be posted publicly on blogs or web pages.

5. How far back can buyers access sold information?
Up to 2 years of information can be made public through a VOW.

6. Will Realtor remarks be made public?
No, realtor remarks and homeowner information will not be released as part of the data. 

7. At what stage will the property get listed as sold publicly?
Upon subject removal, same as in Paragon.

Getting and signing your VOW agreement

Every agent needs to sign a VOW agreement with there respective Board. Here are the steps:

1. Start by clicking on your Boards link below to fill out the forms:

2. Your Board will send you an agreement to sign after a day or two

3. Sign your agreement and send it back to your Board

4. Your Board now signs the agreement and sends the completed agreement back to you

5. You can now set up your Virtual Office Website with the provider of your choosing

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