Our providers now offer 3 types of real estate photography services to choose from - Pixilink TruHDR, HDR, and Flash Photography. Lets take a look at which one is right for you.

Here are key differences?

TruHDR - Captures a space with 7 bracketed shots per-angle, then blends them with an additional flash shot and is then processed using our proprietary engine to show the "True Colour" of the space.

HDR - Captures 3-7 bracketed shots (depending on the photographer) and are then blended together using their own tool and skillset.

Flash - Captures a space using a single shots for each angle, lit by an on-camera flash. 

What should you choose?

All 3 types of photography are taken by professional real estate photographers that work extensively with Pixilink, which means you are getting quality images shot by industry professionals. 

In technical terms, TruHDR Photography yields the highest "magazine quality" images, and is the best option for all lighting scenarios and consistent results regardless of the photographer.

HDR photography is a good option if you still want good results with some variation between photographers. 

Flash Photography is widely used by many of our competitors, and offers a more economical option for professional real estate photography.  Perfect for empty condos and teardowns.

HDR and Flash Photography are relatively NEW to the Pixilink lineup. If you're unsure which product is best for you and/or would like the photography product you are already accustomed to, you should choose Pixilink TruHDR Photography.

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