Pixilink does not host emails but you can add a forwarding email address to your website if you use Pixilink's Nameservers for your domain.

To add the forwarder, please follow these steps.

1. Login to your account under https://www.pixilink.com/ and click on the pink button on the top right hand side.

2.  Go to Settings -> Email

3. Click on the button "Add a Forwarder"
4. In the field "Address" you can add a name for example info.
5. In the field "To", you have to add the email address to which the above email address it is supposed to be forwarded.
6. Finish with clicking on the button "Add Forwarder"

Add forwarder Email to website

1. In your account got to Settings -> Settings -> Contact

2. Add the forwarder email to the "Email field" and click on the button "save" on the bottom right hand side

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