1. Login to your account at https://www.pixilink.com/ and click on the pink button on the top right hand side

2. Click on "Account -> Orders". Under "Upcoming", you will see your next bookings. Click on the three dots on the right of the "View"

3.  Click on "Edit Order"

4. In the Pop-Up, click on "Continue"
Note: You will not be charged for adding a different Product to your order.

5. Click on the Product you would like to add to your order, in this example it's a Floor Plan

6. For the Floor Plan, please click on the additional areas that you would like to have measured and click "SAVE" (if there are not additional area to be measured, just click on "SAVE")

7. Click on "next" (pink button)

8. In the calendar pick the day you would like to book and then on the right (might have to scroll down), pick the provider and time.

9. When you have picked a day, provider and time, click on the button "SAVE TIMES"

10. Final step: Review your order, agree to the Terms & Conditions and click on the "Submit" button. You will receive an updated order confirmation email shortly.

Congratulations, you have just added a new product to your order within 24 hours.

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